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Investing for Women

Whether married or investing on their own, women can feel comfortable at Martin Financial Group. We have a wealth of experience working with women to tailor a financial plan that addresses what’s important in their lives.

Planning for a woman’s retirement may require a different approach because of her path to retirement. Women may have taken time off work to raise children or to care for other family members; therefore, they may have contributed less to social security or benefit plans with employers. Women also have a longer life expectancy which creates the need for a more secure source of income during their retirement.

Individual female investors, whether widowed, divorced or single, have a unique set of characteristics and needs. Their problems are different and usually require a different set of strategies.  Whether it’s providing a checklist of things to do for the recently widowed, designing a plan to help with grandchildren’s education costs, providing advice and support during a divorce settlement or just working to ensure they won’t run out of retirement income, we’re here to help no matter how big the hurdle. We address all of the obvious issues and even point out some they probably haven’t thought of yet.

We take great pride in the large amount of female investors we serve at Martin Financial Group.  We never set out to focus on the female investor, but over the years this has become who we are, what we do and we do it well. 

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